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My name is István B. Szakács. Born in Hungary. In 1956 I came to the Netherlands. For 20 years (1980-2000) I owned a restaurant called “Herberg De Waag“ in Haarlem. Sacred divinity for me is: Food and drink, Nice conversations and Music. Jazz is the passion of my life, and preferably that of the fiftees. Cosequently in de “Herberg“ we had lots of live-music: Ruud Brink, Harry Sombroek, Peter Nieuwerf, Greetje Kauffeld, Edwin Rutten too many names to mention them all. Unfortunately the years went by, but my love of music remained. All and all my music-collection grew to a memorable size, but it serves no real purpose, and I truly regret that. To change this I turned to this “new” method to share my collection with other music-lovers and experts. It is not my intention that you just download this all; the musicians involved need an income as well. The transmission is made without any form of profit making. Donations are always welcome. Just listen and enjoy.
Have fun.